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Hungarian Goulash

August 24th, 2013

oven 400 degrees

put in a heavy wide mouth pot, no lid. I use a large Le Cruset.

slice up several onions, chop up a shit load of garlic, and cube up a nice sized chuck roast into 2″x2″ hunks.

First throw in the onions (should just about fill the pot) w some olive oil once the pot is hot. stir them around for a sec to coat and close the oven. give it a few mins, open back up stir again. Be speedy, you’ll let out all the heat! (I’d never make this in the summertime)

Once the onions have softened a little and begun to get translucent, throw in the garlic. stir around, back in the hot ass oven. Give it a few mins and bring it back out, stir around quick, back in. Now your kitchen is smelling good, throw in the beef and LOTS of paprika. Everything should be well coated w that stuff. Nows a good time for salt n pepper too. Once everything is tossed nicely, pour in chicken stock to cover meat a little over half way, and put in back in the oven.

NOW, leave it alone til it’s done. The meat will brown on top, and it should be fork tender. Check on it every 30 mins or so but DO NOT STIR, you’ll fuck up the browning thats trying to occur. you may have to add a little chicken stock along the way as well, I always do, and once the meat is nice and dark, if the meat’s not falling apart yet, cover with the lid for the rest of the cooking.

In the end you have nicely browned, falling apart beef sitting in a delicious sauce that goes beautifully over buttered egg noodles w some parsley on top and IMO at least twice as good the next day for some reason. I like this method because it’s like making stew upside down and in reverse sort of. I do like the dollop of sour cream on mine, but I’m just a dumb redneck, what do I know? I’ve also used lamb and pork in this recipe, both turned out great. C